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Review: Los Moros

Los Moros is a wonderful small restaurant hidden away in York, they also have a stall in the Shambles Food Court which is a lovely place to sit outside and eat during the summer. Los Moros itself serves modern Northern African food. I went for my first time with friends who had been the night before and loved it so much they wanted to go again, even though they were only in York for two nights, if that isn’t a great recommendation I don’t know what is. I had the Mechoui Lamb Shank which practically melts in your mouth. I used to refuse to eat lamb (I had a very cute lamb teddy bear as a child, called Lamby, and wouldn’t eat lamb up until a few months ago) but if there was ever a place to eat it, it would be at Los Moros. They don’t have a ridiculously large menu and you can tell they they have really perfected each dish that they offer up in the restaurant. I definitely recommend starting with their Hummus and Pita to share as well, who can ever resist such a classic. I will definitely be going back as soon as I return to York and will bring all my guests here as well, that way I can make sure I try every dish! The Shambles Food Court where they have their stall is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re looking for food on the go or meeting friends, there is everything from bacon sandwiches to crepes and burritos. They have lots of tables set up outside and it is attached to the Shambles Market offering lots of local foods and goods, a must see place located off of the famous York Shambles. 

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