London Michelin Restaurants Review

Leroy, Shoreditch – One Michelin Star

               Nestled in an unassuming corner of Shoreditch lies Leroy. A simple bistro that serves seasonal dishes alongside a well-thought-out wine list, featuring both natural and classical wines. Leroy is regularly hailed as the cheapest restaurant that holds a Michelin Star in London, but it should be known that Leroy is simply a very pleasant and delightful place to dine. Upon entering, you are greeted with the sound of music being played on vinyl, each record hand-picked from their collection and rotated throughout the evening. There are fewer than a dozen tables in the restaurant as well as a bar counter where you can watch the chefs at work (always my favourite place to dine if possible). Though, perhaps my favourite item in Leroy, besides their delicious food, was their wine storage room, a gorgeous work of art in itself. I have to give credit to Leroy for introducing me to one of my new favourite wines, a Bourgogne Aligoté. This particular wine was from Mischief and Mayhem and provided a similar effect to a Chablis providing ‘crisp acidity, floral and citrus notes and a gentle mouthfeel’ to enjoy alongside our dinner.

              To eat we chose monkfish served with a classic french sauce and shallots as well as a chicken ravioli served with Girolle mushrooms and a sauce I would happily drink straight from the bowl. To finish we enjoyed a rich chocolate mousse with milk ice cream, fig, and hazelnuts, a delightfully rich dessert that makes having dessert feel like a special occasion. The relaxed dining experience is perfect for a special treat during the week or a casual but elevated weekend meal that doesn’t break the bank. Their menu changes daily which you can find on their Instagram or website. Though not a quiet venue due to its small size, it still provides intimacy and feels as though you are transported away from the hustle and bustle of London. A must-visit to your London dining rotation for well-executed yet simple food. 


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  1. Jean Richardson says:

    Lovely read, you obviously love the restaurant Erin, may you have many more lovely times there. X

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