Quarantine Restaurants Review York

Review: Spring Espresso


Spring Espresso is easily my favorite coffee shop in York, I’m there at least once a week and it was the first place I stopped by on my return to York. Every Saturday I used to buy about 7 coffees on my way to work for coworkers so I quickly became friends with people who worked there. As soon as you walk into either of their locations, whether it’s there Fossgate, or Lendal, you can tell that everyone there cares about what they are doing and always provide with you excellent food, drinks, and experiences. They have an all-day menu which you can see here and make sure you don’t leave without getting a Bostock, which is a cross between French toast and almond croissants. It’s made up of brioche, sweet syrup, and topped with frangipane and flaked almonds. ⁠During quarantine they are open from 8 am to 3 pm serving drinks and cakes, starting next week they will be implementing order and pay on their website for collection! ⁠If you want some food and drink inspiration check out their Instagram

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