Affording My Lifestyle

It is not common to meet a 20-year-old student that buys themselves Gucci shoes and spends over £50 on bottles of wine, however this is how I choose to spend my money. After years of being unorganized and not knowing what time management meant I now study Politics at University and work two jobs. I work in a Michelin Guide, blind tasting menu restaurant and Flannels, a luxury clothing retailer. I choose to spend my money on the finer things in life like clothes and wine. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely lucky and have parents who pay my tuition and rent so I am able to spend my income on these things. Many International students I know are like this, minus the two jobs. My main secret however is the power of Ebay and Charity Shops. Many people I know see buying second hand clothing as a taboo but I’ve found that there are more and more luxury consignment stores and curated second hand clothing stores, so why would I shy away from Ebay and charity shops where I have found some of my most worn pieces there for no more than £5 and sometimes even 99p. This is my best advice for those people who value fashion but don’t like the price tag. You can then save towards a more expensive piece and feel less like you’re being crazy, at least that’s what I tell myself.

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