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The Key to Tidy Cooking at Home (Mise en Place)

When cooking at home it is easy to get overwhelmed that all the mess that cooking or baking from scratch can make. The secret to keeping things tidy (or at least much tidier) is to cook ‘Mise en Place’. This literally means “putting in place” or “everything in its place”. Before I start cooking or baking I weigh or measure out all my ingredients and line them up in the order that I will need them, this means reading the whole recipe through before starting, this is useful incase you need any extra ingredients that aren’t mentioned in the ingredients list. This is also very helpful incase you haven’t realized that you are missing something from the recipe, or don’t have enough of something. Having everything in separate bowls or plates before you start a recipe is also very soothing and makes the rest of the experience much less stressful and fun! 

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