I am starting this blog on day 4 of quarantine in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was at work, Le Cochon Aveugle, in York, UK when my father texted me saying he had booked me on the last possible flight to get into RDU. I am a dual citizen and was able to come back to the United States after the travel ban was announced. Foolish enough of me I spent the week prior thinking I would be alright to stay in the UK for a few more weeks before the pandemic got serious and I would need to return back to Chapel Hill to my parents. I knew I did not want to have to be quarantined in the house I rent with four other students but didn’t want to leave my life and jobs in the UK. Luckily enough my parents made the decision for me and I came back very easily. Many of my international student friends are still in York and cannot make it home to their homes, mostly in East Asia. I am lucky to be in my first year of Politics so all of my exams have been cancelled and it was easy to leave my school life behind as well as having very understanding employees. For those of my friends who are second and third years who still have to take exams and schooling online they do not know what to do, many now have their achievements that conclude in a graduation cancelled, causing an extremely disappointing and deflating end to their academic career. Having lives on two countries is a blessing and a curse, I never know where is home, but I know that I have a home in both places and am lucky to be able to have a safe and secure base in both countries. Welcome to my Pennies For Truffles!
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