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Review: Cave Du Cochon

Cave Du Cochon is a wonderful wine bar by Le Cochon Aveugle. Located down Walmgate, they have an amazing selection of wines and serve New York style sourdough pizzas. As well as having an extensive regular wine list they offer ‘Last Chance’ wines which usually include rarer and interesting wines you wouldn’t normally find. Their staff is incredibly knowledgable and friendly and always eager to give you a recommendation on wines to try, you can also have some snacks alongside if you don’t want a full pizza, although I don’t know why you wouldn’t. The bar has a cosy downstairs, a larger space for dining upstairs, and a small courtyard outside which is wonderful, and they even have a selection of cigars if you choose to partake. When you are next in York and wanting something different and elegant, this is the place for you!

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