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Shopping For Local Food In York: Bishopthorpe Road

One of the unexpected effects of coronavirus is the surge of desire for people to support local. I love seeing how busy local shops like greengrocers and butchers are. I ventured into town today to go to Fruitique for some fresh fruit and veg and ended up stopping by M & K Quality Butchers after seeing a long queue, there is something alluring about a long queue that makes you want to join it. As soon as you walk down Bishopthorpe road coming from central York you instantly feel as though you’ve walked into a village from a film, there is often bunting lining the street and people leisurely strolling and popping in and out of local shops.  Fruitique had a small queue outside but the exterior is lined with fresh flowers and fruit giving off a pleasant smell and feel. When you enter the shop you’ll find most of the produce is local and there is a section of fresh flowers to make a gorgeous bouquet as well. The prices are extremely affordable and upon leaving the shop you feel as though you are a part of the community. I then ventured to the butchers which looked too enticing to pass up. Again, this had a very local feel to it and you could tell that everyone there enjoyed what they were doing, the business is run by brothers Simon and Matthew Kneafsey and they’ve been running since 1970. The owner was very helpful in getting me the right size piece of lamb leg and I can’t wait to try cooking it later this week. If you are in York I recommend heading to these shops, or at least walking by to check it out!

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