June Lust List

With the weather getting warmer here in the UK and stores reopening it is start to think about the season ahead. Here I have compiled my June Lust List, a list of things that are currently in my virtual shopping cart. I have compiled everything from handbags to art that I have my eye on. 


Donut by Mark Denton ESQ

(£295) I love the playfulness of this print and the humor that comes with it. 

It’s My Party by Elizabeth Waggett

($1,950) I love the gold embellishment on these pieces, she has a great one of a lobster as well, there are cheaper prints but I love the amusing party hat on the skull of this one. 


(£195) Again, I just love the humor of this piece, a take on wotsits to laugh at one of my favorite phrases, ‘it is what it is’. 




(£44.50) I’m loving COS’s collection right now and they have a huge sale online right now including this dress. 


(£49.50) Another COS hit in this lime green color, absolutely stunning. 

Strawberry Midi Dress

($490) I’ve been following this brand for a long time now and I see so many people, of all body types, wearing it and it looks amazing on everyone. 




 Prada Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano

(£585) Such a cute throwback bag that comes in a great selection of colors, you might as well get them all. 

Fendi Baguette

(£2,190) Just yes. 

Croc-Effect baguette bag

(£12.99) Who can resist at this price? 


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