Tres Leches (Milk Cake): With Great Tips

We love Mexican food in this house so we decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day early by having tacos, horchata, tortilla chips from Food Lion (which are the best, from the deli section which they make fresh), homemade guacamole and tres leches cake. Tres Leches cake is one of my favorites and I thought it would be difficult to make but it isn’t! It’s just time-consuming so give yourself a few hours to prepare before you want to eat it, if not making it the night before. I made the big mistake of pouring out the excess liquid down the sink when I should have poured it into a jug, I think this happened because my pan was smaller than it should have been and I didn’t have tons of time to let it soak into the cake and down to the bottom of the dish. One of the best parts of Tres Leches is the milk mixture that sits at the bottom of the cake, so I definitely recommend pouring the liquid slowly over the cake and stop when it cannot soak anymore when this happens to transfer the mixture to something you can keep it in to pour over individual servings.  This recipe will give around 18 servings and includes my modifications. 




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