London Restaurants Review

Straker’s, Notting Hill


I always knew it was going to be hard to beat the very high bar that Straker’s have given themselves…Boasting over 206k Instagram followers, and their chef/owner, Thomas Straker having 1.8million followers, their instant fame meant it was a hard reservation to get and it was going to be even harder to meet my expectations. As soon as you walk in, you instantly forget you just walked off of a busy street in Notting Hill, and are instantly transported to an intimate world where you feel as though you have discovered an amazing secret. While they know that they are high on everyone’s culinary wishlist – the staff and chefs are down-to-earth and unpretentious and make you feel instantly at ease and comfortable. We started with one of their famous flatbreads, adorned with girolles mushrooms and gloriously smothered in butter. The lamb sweetbreads were cooked perfectly, paired with peppery radicchio, and the pumpkin agnolotti was fantastically al dente, showcasing skill and confidence in their cooking technique and timings. By this point, we were salivating for our steak which we could smell and watch being perfectly seared in front of us, and oh boy did it live up to the hype. Verging on just the right side of a burnt exterior, the meat was perfectly cooked and rested. We opted for potatoes and broccoli for sides as the steak comes by itself and these were the perfect sides to compliment the sublime steak cookery. Sitting at the counter was an extremely fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning about how their food is prepared and the chefs were happy to chat with us. Those looking for a more romantic or intimate time can sit on their lower tables finished with candlelight, with no effort spared, they even have a curtained entrance so those by the door will not get chilly as we get closer to winter. Finishing the night with an espresso martini, the night was fantastic. Sharing 4 courses, a bottle of lovely white wine, and two cocktails, the bill came to £230, and I will most certainly be returning!

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