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Southern Banana Pudding (The Right Way)

Now if you’re from the South like me, then chances are you love banana pudding! However, there are all sorts of ways to make this easily at home, but there is only one right way to do it. All you need are nilla wafers, Jell-O pudding (and some milk), bananas, and cool whip. My secret to this banana pudding is to make sure you get the mini nilla wafers (or in this case the off-brand Harris Teeter version of vanilla wafers, at half the price. This ensures that you get a perfect wafer to jello ratio, we all like a bit of crunch with the pudding along with the soggy wafers. Here is my simple guide on how to perfectly layer your pudding to get maximum banana pudding satisfaction!

  • Step 1: Make your vanilla pudding (I always make sure to buy the larger pack of Jell-O and eat any excess
  • Step 2: Line a bowl (I love to use our trifle bowl for maximum elegance) with mini (va)nilla wafers across the bottom and almost to the top of the rim. 
  • Step 3: Delicately place half of the Jell-o on top of the wafers while trying not to move any of the wafers. 
  • Step 4: Place enough thin banana slices to cover this whole layer of Jell-o 
  • Step 5: Place a sparse layer of wafers in the bananas, this doesn’t have to fully cover the bananas. 
  • Step 6: Add the remaining Jell-o on top of the wafers and cover with more bananas if desired, then another layer of wafers (this all depends on how deep your bowl is. If the bowl is too shallow just readjust). 
  • Step 7: It is easiest to add whipped topping (usually cool whip) on top of a layer of wafers, again this depends on how deep your dish is, you can always decorate the topping with wafers of bananas if you are serving for an event. 
  • Step 8: Enjoy and see if there are any leftovers for the next day when it is even better!
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