Chapel Hill

For The Love Of Trader Joes

Anyone that lives in a 5 mile radius of Trader Joes probably understands the cult following that this store has. It somehow creates the feel of a local grocers even though we all really know that it is a part of a chain, at least the Chapel Hill branch certainly does. When you go in it is decorated with our local basketball teams jerseys and you always recognize almost all of its employees. There are even many instagram account dedicated to its products, I am not ashamed to admit I follow one of these (which touts 1.1 million followers!). Don’t even get me started on how amazing and affordable its cheese section is, as well as its spectacular ready meals. It is no surprise that with the enforced social distancing measures that there is now always a queue outside the store to get in, no matter how hot it is. If you’ve never been you must go check it out when you are next near one!
Here are some of the Instagram accounts dedicated to them so you can understand:
@traderjoeslist (1.1M)
@traderjoesobsessed (263k)
@traderjoeskitchen (288k)
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